When it’s time to put a home on the market, staging it properly is one of the most important factors for attracting buyers and ensuring the highest possible sales price. Here are our top 3 staging tips for homeowners to do prior to listing their home on the market.


1) Declutter

Decluttering is the first job you should tackle when home staging. Clutter is distracting for buyers – their eyes will be drawn to your belongings and not the rooms. The rooms themselves will look smaller and untidy if cluttered, too.

2) Storage

Now you’ve decluttered you can clearly see where there might be a need for extra storage to make rooms feel really neat and organized. Ideally, you should ensure your storage units, hidden behind doors or otherwise (remembering that buyers will open cupboard doors), shouldn’t be overloaded.

3) Clean, Clean, Clean

A clean home will feel well-cared for, which is important for most buyers – even renovators don’t want to buy somewhere that gives the impression of being neglected. Plus, a clean, aired home will feel fresh and welcoming – this will help buyers envisage themselves living in your home. 

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