Sofas are often times the stars of the living room. I absolutely love my sofa. Even with the constant additions of my kids toys, the family’s strewn clothing articles and the occasional spill, my sofa still commands the respect it deserves. Because of the previously mentioned daily occurrences, my sofa is the most styled piece of furniture in our home.  So, let’s talk about pillow sofa styling – write these tips down so you have the tools you need to design your sofa like a pro!

5 Pillow Sofa Styling Tips

1. Keep a cohesive color palette:

Keeping a consistent color palette of 3-5 colors, you will have more success when mixing styles and patterns. Here’s a post on tips about color palettes.

2. Use various sizes and shapes:

Using different pillow shapes and sizes (ex. mix of square, round, lumbar, different sizes) provides visual interest. Here are two of my favorite pillows here.

3. Use different textures: 

Textures can add interesting details when mixing neutrals and solids. Pillows like this one can add the pop you need for your sofa pillow assortment.

4. Evenly balance colors:

Spread different color pillows on each side of your sofa. Think of each color having a weight and you want to have a balanced weight throughout the sofa.

5. Use varying scales of pattern:

Pillows and throws with patterns are a great way to add spunk to your sofa. It’s important to mix both large and small patterns. Here’s one of my favorite patterned pillows. 

Hopefully these 5 pillow styling tips will help you with the star of the living room.

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