5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Being on the ground everyday in properties and talking to clients gives us some great insight on trends. A few things that are certain –  we are ready to get outdoors – but simultaneously enjoy the benefits of working from home and personalizing our spaces.

Neutrals and defined spaces have been dominate for some time, but people are ready for to start experimenting with color, textures and functionality in 2022. This year, we are turning towards nature and nature inspired colors as we yearn for natural, energizing spaces to spark creativity and socialization.

Trend 1 – More Importance on Outdoor Furniture
Naturally as we are craving more outdoor time, our outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined.
Refined shapes for outdoor furniture is a key 2022 trend.
Outdoor furniture will increase in importance in 2022.
Trend 2 – Nature-Inspired Objects and Surfaces
With so much time spent indoors over the past two years, we are all wanting to strengthen our connection with nature. Natural surfaces like terracotta, stoneware and marble are being used for, counters, furniture, bathtubs, and decorative objects.
Two photos showing nature inspired objects - counters, wallpapers and decor.
Natural materials like stone, plants and woods are increasing in 2022.
Trend 3 – Sculptural and Curved Furniture
Curves subconsciously make us feel safe and create an inviting feel. In 2022, people will be seeking furniture with sensual, curves lines and edges.
Curved tables, chairs and beds are highly sought out this year.
Curved furniture feels welcoming and safe.
Trend 4 – Shades of Brown
From chocolate brown, camels, caramels, cognac to burnt umber – brown’s wide variety of shades makes it easy to use and pair with other colors.
Decor can vary in shades and patterns of brown.
Varying shades and patterns of brown are on trend in 2022.
Trend 5 – Multipurpose Rooms
With the pandemic still offering surprises and new normals, rooms will must now serve as double duty. Furniture and decor will need to conform to our everyday needs.
Space dividers and tables help create multi use spaces.
Objects and decor like dividers and tables help create multi purpose spaces.
2022 will look more natural, multi-functional yet more experimental with color.
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